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Text for Page 032 [11-21-1857]

of her usual eating-and-drinking calls, did when the
foregoing affair was alluded to strenuously deny having performed
any such shake of the hand, and on Mrs Church � who is very
strict in matters of veracity, and, altogether, a well-bred woman �
persisting in the assertion, got furious, said she�d swear to the
contrary, gave the lie, or next to it, and shook her hand in Mrs
C�s face!               They had another trifling scrimmage before, which
blew over.        All the women in the house have, either, severally, or
in twos and threes been to a Medium � one Mrs Porter.    This
woman told Mrs G her character. �Oh!�she said,� what confusion!
two minds two minds!� Also she told her that she�d lie.    Mrs
Church having made allusion to this, some how, intentionally, �
Mrs G immediately proved the correctness of the Medium�s asser-
tion by lying � contradicting it!
  22.  Sunday.  To-day�s paper contains an account of the sen-
tence of John B. Holmes to fifteen years and six months impri-
sonment, for forgery.    He got a woman to impersonate his wife, and
forged her name to a deed conveying property.    So a certain install-
ment of justice has over-taken this scoundrel and murderer.      A
pity they didn�t hang him three winter�s back for killing the police-
man.       /         An in-doors day till the evening, then to Chapin�s.
  23. Monday.  Down town to Harpers.     Saw Bonner, and
met Cahill there.   Return.   Wrote to Barth.
  24.  Tuesday.  In-doors, at work, all day.  Did three
drawings on wood and wrote letter to Waud.  /   When
Mrs Jewell called upon me, last week, on her return to New
York, from Boston, she states that Brainard had told Lee
� her son-in-law, residing in Jersey, at whose house Selina is               
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