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Text for Page 033 [11-24-1857]

staying � that he, Brainard, knew of his wife�s
sickness, of her mother�s visit, of Alf�s where abouts,
with other particulars of the like sort.     He added, also,
that he intended to drop down upon �em yet.    Mrs J thinks
Ballou is his informant. /               Out to a rere-supper at a
tavern with Leslie.   He told me a characteristic thing of himself.
It is his custom to send his mother, in Scotland, certain barrels
of apples.   With much of glee and exultation he recounted how he had,
in purchasing apples for another person, also, made his expenses,
so that he performed his annual act of filial generosity sans
cost!    Very exceedingy Scotch.
  25.  Wednesday.  Down town.   Thronged streets � �Evacuation
day� and funeral of Gen. Worth.  Overtook Thomson, Arnold &
Cahill.  Pic, Nic-nax and Post Offices.     Wurzbach called in the
afternoon.      Evening to 31st street; returning called on
Bellew.    Brought Major Piercy with me back to Bleecker
Street.   Up in Haney�s room.  Stories of India and campaign
life and gin and water.
  26.  Thursday.  Invited to spend Thanksgiving Day on
Randall�s Island.  Set off as convoy to a Miss Julia Griffin,
sister to the one who was here during the summer months. This
Miss Griffin is a very stalwart young lady � about as tall as
a young lady can be without exciting desires to kidnap her in 
the bosoms of the Barnum race.      Withal she is good humored
and sensible.    A lovely day � clear and cool.     A long ride
in the cars, then a brief walk and we were rowed across to
the island.   To the house of our host Mr Eldredge, Warden of
the Island, where we were received by his wife, and �Jenny�� Mrs               
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