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Text for Page 036 [12-02-1857]

cigars, beer, puns and songs.    Not a very successful evening.
  3.  Thursday.  Down-town meeting Hankins by the way.
He�s �agent� for selling an oil-print of Washington now.  In the
evening to hear the first of Mackay�s lectures on Poetry and Song-
Introductory.      Very mediocre.
  {4.  Friday
  5. Saturday.}       Drawing and compiling-Jerroldiana.
  6. Sunday.  Rain all day. To Edwards�at night with
Haney and Cahill.
  7.  Monday.  To Harper�s, Frank Leslie�s, Pic Office &c.
  8.  Tuesday.  Jerroldiana. To Parton�s with Haney in the afternoon,
returning at night.
  9.  Wednesday.  Rain all day.  In doors.  Jerroldiana, and novel.
  10.  Thursday.  A letter from Barth.  Praises Moliere, says
he lives the life of a cabbage, wants �a career and chance to make
a reputation,� and gives some home news.   His mother isn�t well,
his sister Eliza has lost a child; and Walem having put his name
to a �friend�s� note has lost �700 � nearly all of his property.
  Mrs Jewell called � boarding in Greene St.  Reports that
Brainard is going about slandering Selina � saying that she told
him that Johnson had seduced her.  He told this to Lee, husband to
Selina�s sister.         Wrote to Foster and to Mary Anne. (She has
not answered my former letter, not sent a line, since the sad
news o the death of her husband.)   Down town in the afternoon.
In the evening to hear Mackay�s third and concluding lecture.
  11.  Friday.  In doors all day.  Jerroldiana, and writing story.
  12.  Saturday.  Wrote to Dick Bolton.  Down town. Post Office
&c.  Met Bellew and Thomson.      Major Piercy up in our attic
at night.  Boxing, talk, and brandy and water.               
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