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Text for Page 165 [09-11-1850]

              drunk, came out and �lammed� him; and forthwith all spectators 
were expelled.       Mob outside round the carriages. Too crowded to see
much of Jenny, as they drove off.
  12. Thursday.  To Corbyn�s, then to Foster.  Drawing appeared
in yesterdays �day-book.�   Paid me part, and gave me a note to N Orr,
the brother of him of Nassau Street.  Went there, shewed drawings, got a
drawing to re-make for title to the �G�hals of New York� by the redoubtable Ned
Buntline.   Then return.   Baudoin an inmate of 177 Canal, now �
Evening drawing; Brown goeth out and hath an interview with the frail,
fair one, at her residence.    Of her, he cannot help thinking that some Will
Barnes preceded the conquest of �Tom Jones, inasmuch as she surrendered sans
resistance &c, therefore he cannot yield to the idea of wedding her.   Also
he entertaineth yet hopes of Annie.     Well �time the old Justice who
tries all such offenders� will shew.
  13. Friday.  To Fosters; got paid the remaining $2, and instructions
to make another drawing.  Called in at the Atlas, and �Life� Office.  Saw
Mattice and Van Fleet.    The former called in the afternoon, and paid $2
of the 7 owing.     Drawing all the afternoon and evening.   Baudoin and Brown
fumigating during the early part of it.    Joe called, stayed an hour or so.
At work till 11.
  14. Saturday. Finishing drawing, took it to Foster, and left it.
Calling at Holts, ascertained that Mr Hart and Mapother were off for
a weeks visit to Philadelphia and Baltimore.       Drawing all the after
noon, title for �the G�hals of New York.    Evening reading, and               
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