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Text for Page 040 [12-15-1857]

home, and speculates whether he should go west and hire
out on a farm, or in a store.
  16.  Wednesday.  Jerroldiana. Writing.
  17.  Thursday.  Down town in the morning.  Writing story at
night.  Thomson came up in the afternoon.   A miserable day,
atmospherically and every sort of way. Did nothing till night.
  18.  Friday.  In doors till evening working hard.    Jerroldiana.
Then to Greene St.
  19.  Saturday.  Drawing � for Leslie�s paper.   Cahill in my room.
Down town in the afternoon.  Broadway thronged.  Met Fanny Fern and
her daughter.  Grace looking charming.  Anon met Bellew, Piercy and
Haney.     Parting, Cahill to the Pic Office, I to Post Office &c.  Evening
drawing and scribbling.
  20.  Sunday.   To Partons, and there all day, Haney
coming in the evening � having spent the greater part of the day with
O�Brien, in Jersey.
  21.  Monday.    Working. (Jerroldiana.)   A letter from Hannah.
  22.  Tuesday.  Working.  Down town in the afternoon, to the
Post Office &c.  Found a note from Frank Leslie on my re-
turn, requesting me to go to the Charity ball at �the Academy,�
in order to write a comic article about it.      Nast, a young
artist called, at at about 10 we went.        Very brilliant opera-
house full of folks � a great cram.    Came face to face with Mrs
Gouverneur, there, she looking very well in her ball dress, and
squared by a clerk in the 7th Regiment, militia uniform. �Why, its
Mr Gunn!� says he, according me a very cordial recognition,
at which I bowed.      We�ve been at feud since the Leslie row,
though she has often sat opposite to me at the dinner table, and
thrown out conversational grappling irons, I�ve never clinched.               
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