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Text for Page 041 [12-22-1857]

Left at midnight or thereabouts.
  23.  Wednesday.   Writing till 4. P.M..     Then down
town.   Arnold up in Haney�s room at night.
  24. Thursday.   Called at Greene Street to learn whether
a letter I left, from Boston, contained any news worth having.
Found Mrs Sexton and Selina.       Alf just able to rub along �
that�s all.       To Leslie�s with article.  Sol and Doesticks
there.  The Pic Office &c.     Returned up town.    Sol and
Wood looked in.     Called in at Edwards�at night.
  25.  Friday.   Found a silver pen-and-pencil-case and
gold pen, and a neckerchief on my table, neatly enveloped,
as gifts from �an obliged friend.�(Mrs Church.)  Down
town to the Astor, where I had promised overnight, to call
on a Mr Serrell, who wished to accompany me to Parton�s.   He
was busy so I went alone.    Stayed till 5: folks a little used up,
from an over-night�s childs party.       Turned out then and
walked to Thomson�s on my way back, to deliver a note from
Parton.     It was a cold, dull day, overcast with to-morrow�s
snow, not a ray of sunlight from early morning, and the
wind blowing searchingly down the streets.    I thought of
many past Christmas days and of my look out in life ��
�Doesticks� came up from his dinner in a gorgeous red dres-
sing gown; wanted me to join his family.  I took the cars, 
crossed the ferry and took omnibus to the Edwards�.  Cahill,
Haney and all the folks there.          Kind folks, but, with me, 
a slow evening.
  26.  Saturday.  Snowing steadily and slowly all day. In-
doors.   Going out for my morning�s paper met Wood who spoke
of Sol Eytinge, declaring it his opinin that Sol was �most               
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