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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 047 [12-30-1857]

time� � �satisfied with the idea of the money he could make
if he chose�     Writes Alf: �I perceive in Frank Leslie�s
one of those unpleasant caricatures which Sol makes  x x  also
several attempts at idealizing himself in illustrations of
the Christmas poem.    Sol must be rapidly getting a very
heavy personage.�    The former is true enough.  Sol always does
idealize himself in his serious drawings.              / The engraver
Watson � Allie Vernon�s former �protector��is in Boston now.
  In doors all day.    Rain, mud and misery without.
  31.  Thursday.    Talking with Mrs Church, I learn that
it is dubious whether the Kentucky lady seduced by her rascally hus
band committed suicide.    She gave birth to a child, which she com
mitted to negroes, and may have died in child-birth.  /          Down
town in the morning, to Leslie�s, Pic Office &c.    Afternoon, wor-
king.    Called at Jewell�s at night; returning, in Leslie�s
room, where he and a Dr Norval were playing euchre,
anon in Haney�s.                  A calm, mild, light night,
succeeding a windy day, in the afternoon of which was a
violent five-minutes storm.      Looking out from my
window � the old year is dead, and this entry an anach-
ronism � the city would seem unusually quiet, but for the
poppings and banging of pistols and fire-arms with which
fools are profaning a solemn event.      Some Americans would
celebrate the Day of Judgment by letting of pistols.
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