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Text for Page 048 [01-01-1858]

		  January, 1858.
   1.  Friday.  With Cahill and Haney to Brooklyn,
the day mild and sunny; dropping in on the Major by
the way.   At �Doesticks.� Routed Thomson out of his
snuggery and carried him and Ed. Wells, his friend
and fellow resident, with us to Partons.   Found the girls
in gorgeous array and everybody in good-humor; Parton
having just recovered from a mild �pizening� from put-
ting red-wafers into his mouth.       There for a couple of
hours or so, then all back to Thomson�s to dinner.   At
4 or so, all to New York and to the Edwards.  Thom-
son only made a call, I left at 9, and the rest stayed
till midnight; Wells returning with Haney to our boar-
ding house, for the night.
  2.  Saturday. �Jerrolding� & working promiscuously,
but busily.  Down town in the afternoon, meeting Frank
Leslie (with his hair smelling unpleasantly as usual.) Didn�t
get paid my $10 � and didn�t expect to.                       I hear
Miss Nina Brooks is in New York, staying with her uncle,
in the Fifth Avenue.    Mrs Potter talks of telling Cahill
to go: he owes her for eighteen weeks board.  Says she �shall
have to speak to him on Monday.�
  3. Sunday.  A morning�s walk to the Battery and there-
abouts.   Afternoon, reading.   At night went to visit Mrs
Gouverneur, at a fashionable boarding-house in 14th Street.
(When she was here, last time, she came up-stairs to my               
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