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Text for Page 166 [09-14-1850]

              dull withal.
  15. Sunday.  Joe cometh early, as appointed, and we sally
out in the fresh bright morning.     Crossed to Jersey City (,talking
with a man from Indiana, by the way.)   A glimpse at the �Asia� through
the railings, then called at York Street.    Saw Mrs Haun, and
subsequently Ben and John.   Talk with B�hoy Ben out i�the street.
News of old acquaintances.    Hughie left there, hath had a brother drow-
ned, (not Sandy;) and is little concerned thereat; also is rumoured to be
�sparking a gal� in Brooklyn.  Rankin still there. John learning
the craft of a watch-maker.  Ben himself �bout to stablish a porter-
house in a few days time &c.         Leaving them, declining an invite to
return and dine walked along the rail to the old rocks. Ascent and
a breezy hour or so.        Return by dinner time to New York �
Afternoon �Burton�s Anatome�.      Evening wandered out, very sad,
anxious and matagrabolized.  Peeped into Chapin�s chapel; then
on to the old pier at jut of Chamber Street.  An hour and
halfs meditative mournfulness.   I would I could say trustfully, 
as the words should be said  �Our father which art in Heaven �� My
life appears inane and commonplace.    I cannot think so well as I
once did.
  16. Monday.   Regular cold and sore throat as might be
expected.  Drawing all day.  Two journeys down town.  Called
at the Day-book Office twice, and unsuccessfully � Left two title for
the �G�hals of New York� with Orr.     Called in at Butler�s �               
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