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Text for Page 052 [01-05-1858]

and buried, and that he was a lookin�out for another,�
and that he had taken a house in Brooklyn, inviting me
to come and see him.    To Frank Leslie�s, got my
$10, met Thomson and Cahill, anon Welden.  Up town,
looked in at �the Mejor�s� and found Bellew there.   He was looking
over account books � I fancy he does the planning and getting cre-
dit part of the business.    Mrs Bellew has another child, a boy, born
on the first of the month.      Swinton came up and called on me,
when I returned to room.  He has been sick of bilious remittent
fever, for three months; had just been to Leslie�s to get $30, was
told I�d got $10 so came on to see if he could borrow $5.
  In the afternoon, as invited, with Haney over to Brooklyn.
(Cahill was to have accompanied us, but having passed part of
the afternoon at Haney�s, with Arnold and Thomson, he came
home so deplorably drunk at 5, we had to leave him on the
bed, he agreeing to come over by 9.)    Met Fay & Swinton in
Broadway.     Thomson�s � he not come yet.   Parton and the Fern�s
arrived, Miss Jacobs with �em.       Burlesque acrobatic feats by
Ed. Wells and Cahill; �Shadow Buff� by the company; dance a la
cachuca by Wells, in ballet costume, songs, music and �fox and
geese,� with more gambols than I can set down.      The feature
of the night was �Doesticks� wife � in male costume.   She went
up stairs and dressed herself in a suit of his clothes and came
down in them, being introduced as a boy.   I can�t describe how
exceedingly pretty she looked � how very exceedingly pretty.  Espe-
cially when the girls, Grace and Miss J, would take off
her coat and vest, leaving her in dark pants, clean white
shirt with broad lay-down collar, neckerchief tied sailor-fash-
ion and pretty brown boots.    In this costume she continued all               
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