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Text for Page 054 [01-10-1858]

Haney�s room playing chess.    His father was there too, and
both father and son were a little affected by liquor.   After
dinner Haney went off to Parton�s, I accompanying the Poun-
dens � all the family � to the house of a friend, where I stayed
till 7, then leaving them for Parton�s.       Found Haneys, Wells
an Ulric, the little German teacher, there.         Parton away,
visiting his mother in Jersey.    The evening passed in reading
aloud Dicken�s Christmas Story �The Perils of Certain English
Prisoners &c,� Haney and I taking turns at it.           Stayed
all night.
  11. Monday. �Fanny� telling capital stories over the breakfast
table, which she ought to write out under the title of �School-
days of an Incorigible girl.�       A wet walk to New York.
In doors all the rest of the day.
  12. Tuesday.  Met Bellew in Broadway.  With him
behind the scenes and on the stage at Niblo�s.  Writing, with
labor the rest of the day.                  Incidentally talking with
Cahill, I�ve found out that Arnold knows Lizzie Petit �
has made love to her.    He telegraphed admiration to her window
by fingers alphabet, she met him in Union Square &c.
Just the fast young lady I supposed.     He � Arnold � had told
Cahill the circumstances, suppressing the surname.
  13.  Wednesday.  In doors till the afternoon, when I went to
Greene St to deliver a letter received from Alf Waud enclosed
in one to myself.       He writes thus of Watson, the long, lank, vul-
turous engraver, now in Boston.        �He (Watson) boasts that
if Allie knew he had money, and he was to try it on, she would
leave Sol immediately for him.      He gives her credit for mercenary
feeling &c swears that she threw herself in his way, that he               
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