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Text for Page 055 [01-13-1858]

supplied her with money in considerable sums, employed her
sister Joe  x x  paid $12 a week for Allie�s board for some
time before  x x  and that at that time she told him he need
not have waited so long for her favors, intimating  x x  Finally
he had to choose between her and his wife, so gave her up,
upon which she sent to her husband an account of the affair, and
he called on Watson for evidence to get a divorce from her, which he
was obliged to give.     W. declares it�s all nonsense about his ill-
using her, that he was quite fascinated by her &c.�  Elsewhere
Waud adds, good naturedly, and with a charming obliviousness of his
own position, �It�s satisfactory to hear of Sols difficulties and
domestic disarrangements � it serves him right.  Sol�s considerable
of an oyster but he wont put up with �Allie dear� always.�    For
individual news, the baby�s sick and Will�s in debt.      Scarcely neces-
sary to mention the last item.    And �D__n her oh! goes about ma-
king everbody miserable by a great parade of blue devils.�
  The �boy�Rawson Gill is boarding in this house again � loafing
as usual.     He�s twenty.    I had his brother Gladdy come up to see
me yesterday morning.  He let out some delightfully characteristic
illustratives of his mother�s meanness.   How she had tried to get a
shilling from him, which Rawson had given.  How she hadn�t kept her
word about giving him the shilling, promised in my presence �for my
sake!!!�          I had chaffed her into a gush of verbal generosity �
and took Miss Petit to witness that the boy was to have his shilling!
  Bellew has effected a miracle.  Got $20 from Frank Leslie,
in advance � for matter to be furnished!
  14.  Thursday.  Down town.  To Mason�s, to get account
of how the book sold.   Handed Lowell Mason the agreement
pointing to paragraph, using as few words as was               
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