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Text for Page 056 [01-14-1858]

possible.   The account not made up yet.  To Harpers.
Missed Bonner.  Post Office,  Frank Leslie�s and return
up town.    Writing at night.       O�Brien came; in Haney�s
room.     Mrs Potter�s had a talk with Cahill and he agrees
to pay up something every Monday.   He owes some $40, more
or less.
  15.  Friday.  Down town per omnibus.   Missed Bonner,
Saw Fletcher Harper.   To Pic Office where I found Wilbur
and Cahill.      A middle-aged, shabby man came up to in-
quire about O�Brien, and told us how he had been his
landlord in Great Jones Street, how O�B had had the
best room in the house at the rent of $12 per week, with
food, attendance, gas and whatnot; how O�B owed him
upwards of $180, how he and his family were turned
out of the house in consequence of O�B�s not paying up;
how O�B owed $80 and upwards at his Broadway boarding-house,
$200 elsewhere and the like old news.   The man had been to Har-
pers, who�d sent him to the Picayune.        He knew O�B lived in
Jersey city, said the last time he�d encountered him, O�B was
drunk, in the Bowery.  Furthermore he spoke of O�B�s giving
a Delmonico dinner at his lodgings, half at his landlord�s cost.
Cahill was a little inclined to be rude to the poor devil, Wilbur
to chaff him, I thought it a hard case and let him talk as much
as he liked � and he did like to talk a great deal.     This heavy-
swell Bohemianism has very dirty corners to it.    Up town,
dropped in at �the Pacha�s� and had ten cents � the sum expended
for a drink � worth of amusement in seeing how the Major is get-
ting along.    The Major was in his shirt sleeves and shabby trousers,
and the Major was a little drunk and a little dingy.  The bar-               
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