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Text for Page 167 [09-16-1850]

              Doepler there.     Walked home with Brown.      Writing all the
  17. Tuesday. Finished letter to Boutcher, and then out at
11.  A call at the Day-book Office; seeing Foster, then returning, 
calling in at Fox�s of the Arbour, about making a drawing of him for
publication.     Returned with naught to do.  Reading in the afternoon,
writing at night,  and now am going to bed, at this present.
  18. Wednesday.  To Mott Street, about an advertisement for a 
person to go to the South American coast as partner in exhibition &c.
Wouldn�t do.  Met Brown in Chatham Street, and walked up to Nassau
together.       Called in at Laurie�s, then back.   Rest of the day in
doors and dull enough.    Brown this evening, as appointed has his last
evening with his lost Annie.  It�s ended now, all his pleading in vain,
(she has listened to friendly comments on his past escapes, besides the main
point.)       She did not love him, I think, or would she have analysed
and sought other judgments than her own; yet for all that she is a pure
hearted creature, [words crossed out]. [words crossed out]. Yet better thus
than wed and this afterwards.        How hatefully true is the adage of the
result of Familiarity?      I can now see Browns fault�s; � egotism the
mainspring of them.  He talks of wedding for money now � (he will not
do it, but should he think it.)     Still I like him.  More perchance
than he does me, for he seeketh not to sympathize with my anxieties.
  Well � God mend all. My egotism, too, for I�ve no small share of it.
  19. Thursday.  To N Orrs, to Richardsons (Engraver,) to               
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