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Text for Page 061 [01-21-1858]

  21.  Thursday.  Down town, Harper�s &c.  Posted
a letter for my mother.  I�ve not heard from home for four
months.     Writing story at night and an hour or so into the next
morning.         Haney gone to the theatre with the Parton�s.
  22.  Friday.  Down town till 3, pottering about Hutching�s
cut, between his office and that of Haney.  Finally got it com-
pleted and got paid for it.  Up town, after lunching at Gosling�s,
and by 6, per omnibus, to Pounden�s office, and finding he had
left, to Brooklyn.   A children�s party in honor of the boy�s
birthday.   All sorts of games and very tumultuous carryings on.
I was master of the revels and became so popular that I wonder
my coat wasn�t torn off my back.       Some of the children were
very pretty, one being a perfect little beauty (named Annie Giles)
with fair hair and deep blue eyes.          When I had her innocent
cherub�s face nestling against mine, I�d have given anything to
have owned her.    Some folks of riper growth were present,
including Miss Barr and a Miss Read.           Up till 2 in the
morning assisting Pounden to undress and re-splinter the leg
of his Newfoundland dog, which was broken in two place by
the railroad cars.       The poor animal lay at the foot of the
basement stairs, and stood it better than a human being
might have done.
  23.  Saturday.  Over to New York with Pounden, rather
later than usual, owing to Mrs P�s having scalded her foot,
just before breakfast.    Looking in at the �Pic�Office saw
Woodward.  Says he�s been farming in Indiana and in the
coal-region of Pennsylvania.      I have not met the man since
he bolted so abruptly, in the days of the �Lantern.�          The
Major has shut up �The Pasha� � as I learn from Cahill.               
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