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Text for Page 064 [01-27-1858]

day a mild, cheery one.      Arnold and O�Brien in Haney�s
room at night.
  28.  Thursday.  To Harpers.  Saw Bonner.
  29.  Friday.  In doors all day.
  30. Saturday.  Down town early.  Drawing and writing.
A letter from Alf Waud.  He has moved to the outskirts of Boston,
which costs him a muddy walk to and from business, makes but
$2 a day and finds it�a hard struggle�to rub along.   Watson
the vulturous engraver�making a fool of himself with some female
he has picked up.�
  31. Sunday.  In doors � like an ass � all the clear, cold, sunny
day.  At night to see Mrs Gouverneur and had a very amu-
sing evening.     /       Heard a story of Haney�s telling, about
one Whitney, one of the proprietors of the Sunday Mercury (on
which, by the way Cahill is engaged at a salary of $10 per week).
It more than parallels Rousseau�s disposal of his children.   This
Whitney has a mistress, a big Irishwoman, whom he took for
the improvement of a pimply complexion, and commended the
connection as �coming cheaper than marriage.� A child was born.
The man � then an advertising agent � got a gratuitous advertise-
ment offering an infant for adoption inserted in the �Dis
patch,� and on its repetition thrice succeeded in disposing
of his own child.        Another Irishman acted a his agent
in this pretty business, and to this fellow, Whitney subsequently
refused the gratuitous insertion of another advertisement in the Mercury!

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