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Text for Page 066 [02-07-1858]

Very much out of sorts, hideous headache and nervous to
a miserable degree.     I forgot to put down that, yesterday,
when I entered Pounden�s house, the dog came jumping on me and
making much of me.  He goes on three legs though.
  6.  Saturday.  In doors drawing, all day.
  7.  Sunday.  To Pounden�s.  He up and about, his wife abed,
sick of erysipelas in the face which has lately developed itself;
Miss Mary Barr attending her.  Stayed till 3, then to 13th st.
to convey a note to Mrs P�s sister.
  8.  Monday. Letters from my mother and Hannah.  The
first tells me that a former letter must have miscarried, that
Mrs Chinner died last month, that Sam is in business at Harrow
on the hill, that my father �is just the same, very miserable
and constantly restless�: �I have been,� writes my mother, �obliged
to leave the warm parlor to write this letter to you, and you
can perceive by the writing how cold my fingers are.�  They have
received �a very dismal letter from Mary Anne telling about
her affairs and wanting to borrow $400 or $500.�  Finally
my mother � God bless her! � encloses �a small trifle �5,
which please acknowlege; do not put it in the letter but in a
small piece of paper that I can take away.� �A small trifle�
is it? but ah! what does it mean � a mother�s priceless love!
It�s her money � the quarter�s interest of some poor sum fastened
on her by my good old grandmother.  And that�s why she don�t
want it spoken of in the letter which will be read aloud.
  Oh mothers! mothers! if God�s as kind to us as you are, we
shall all meet in Heaven, some day!
  Hannah, too, what a letter has she written to me!  I read it
with such self reproach, such humility, such tenderness and               
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