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Text for Page 067 [02-08-1858]

reverence of heart for the writer as I can never des-
cribe.  Oh, this kind, true, honest heart, God make me
worthy of it!  How good she is � how weak of purpose am I!
God give her to me soon � I pray, I pray!
  She has been staying at Neithrop for three weeks, going thither
to console with Sarah Ann in consequence of �her disappointment in the
Amos Sears affair.�     It seems that S.A. liked her elderly admirer
better than honest John Conworth, preferring to stay in England,
rather than to cross the Atlantic in search of a husband.  Miss
Conworth writes to Neithrop that �nothing but death shall seperate 
her and George now.� Dick Bolton, like the trump he is, writes
about George�s prospects, offering to pay the interest of the
sum he wants to raise.             Here�s a home picture of Hannah�s
drawing. �When the letter was being read, Mr Bolton stood
at his table, looking over his tax-books; he did not take the
least notice, never asked even how they (Dick & George) were.
They say he never does.   I felt as though I could shake him!�
x x  �He really is, Tom, the most passive animal for a man
I ever saw.�    Dick �scolded S.A.� because she�d written a
letter to Sarah Conworth, �at the time when she thought her-
self engaged to Sears,� without a word for John in it � which
the good fellow �felt very much� � Dick commenting strongly
on her �trifling with such feelings &c.  So now S.A has written
in another strain to Sarah Conworth.�   William Bolton and
Charley look very straight at one another, �and scarcely speak.
�William is really a hard man.    I don�t like him a bit!�
Good for you, my Hannah!                             /      Cahill came
in at night with tickets for Lola Montez lecture, so we all went.
The place, Hope Chapel, was cram jam full, so we did a bit of               
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