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Text for Page 168 [09-19-1850]

              the Office of Holden�s dollar Magazine &c.   Rest of the day in doors
blue devilled and scribbling.	   Baudoin finds New York �dull� and so
it is.
  20. Friday.  To the Office of Holden�s Dollar Magazine, having
an interview with Fowler the Editor.     Then, meeting Foster, with him
to Dewitts and Davenport; talk of a new local work with them.
He left, and I talk about the title to Ned Buntline�s �Ghals.�
Settled about it.    Called in at Butlers, then to the Life Office.
Then return.     Evening Mapother called, he and Mr Hart
having yesterday returned to New York.     To Duane Street with
him, and with Mr Royal, Joe & Mr Hart, all out together.
A cigar at the old pier, then to the Shades, welch rarebits
and ale &c         Left about 10.
  21. Saturday.   Drawing all the morning.   Afternoon to Orrs,
with drawing.    Then to Duane Street, and with Mr Hart,
Dillon, and Butler (the travelled Irishman)  over to Jersey,
and aboard the �Asia,� snail steamer.      Poking about mid
the ponderous machinery, in the cabins, and scanning the paint-
ings &c for an hour or so. Then, leaving Mr Hart at
some Office, walked on. I made a call at Ben Haun�s,
�porter-house,� finding him �fixing up.�      A ramble together
with the others, during which I met printer John Rankin.
Return, and writing during the evening.
  22. Sunday.      Walk down Broadway, to the Battery.               
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