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Text for Page 071 [02-20-1858]

10, I an hour later.       Plunging through the snow banks
in big thigh-boots, cap and hairy talma, to New York.  Called
on Pounden.  His child has been sick, of croup, and like to die!
Returned up town and in doors the rest of the day.  New York
in a snowdrift.
  21.  Sunday.  With Eldredge, son to the old gentleman on
Randall�s Island, to visit that place, he going to see his daughter,
a little girl of 2.  A healthy ride and walk.  Back by 2 or
so, to dinner.   In doors the rest of the day.   Eytinge up,
in Haney�s room, best part of the day.     Wrote a rh song �
a parody of �Villikens and his Dinah� in honor of Grace�s
birthday, which comes off on Wednesday.  We are all to go over,
and have a jollification.   I�ve put every body into it, and mean
to sing it.
  22.  Monday.  Writing.  Out for an hour.  Called at
Jewell�s in the evening, and wrote a letter to Dillon Mapother.
  23.  Tuesday.  Post-office, Pounden�s &c.  Met Bellew.
Wrote to Barth.
  24.  Wednesday.  Down town.  At sunset, with Haney and
Cahill over to Brooklyn.  The Doesticks� there.  A very jolly
time.   Grace drest her prettiest.  She�s one of those girls whom
bright colors become, and looked charming.  There was a big
basket banquet of costly flowers on a side table, the gift of Ulric.
The little man didn�t show being engaged elsewhere, so a pe-
culiar feature of the evening was missing.   He�s the a character.
A small scanty-lightish-haired German with an inordinate
desire of shining, playing first fiddle in everything � so much
so that he detests any body who by any chance attracts more 
attention � though by ever so short a spack � than himself.               
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