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Text for Page 074 [02-25-1858]

tance with the States Prison.           Funny story told by
Thomson last night of a drunken man on the cars. The conduc-
tor made him pay his fare five times, waking him up, for that
purpose.   Solon Robinson � old flowing-white-bearded, Hot Corn�
Solon of the Tribune � pitched into the man and knocked him 
off the car.          Two good absurdities of Cahill�s perpetra-
tion.    Old Patten was talking over the breakfast table in the 
usual vulgarly-invidious, brutal style of low Americans about
the Princess� marriage, ventilating his democratic utilitarianism
in invectives against her presumed uselessness, when Cahill
broke in with an emphatic assertion that the princesses of England
scrubbed out their own chambers � their mother insisted on their
doing it.    Staggered into momentary credulity, says Patten �I
didn�t know that � she�s a good gal then if she does them things.�
Whereupon Cahill bullied him with �You should take care to
be well informed before you condemn people &c!�     The other
instance is droll from its unexpected audacity.  Somebody was
talking of bibles.  Says Cahill, with affected indignation, �There�s
too many of �em about already!�   This was at the dinner-
table.              A flaying review of Parton�s �Life of Burr� in the
new �Atlantic Monthly.�
  26.  Friday. In doors till evening.  Drawing &c.  To the
Edwards� in the evening, Haney and Cahill being there.    Felt
miserably incompetent as to work all day, and wearily, des-
pairingly, self-despisingly despondent.
  27. Saturday.  Down town, meeting Wood by the way.  To
Day�s �Brother Jonathan�office, Post Office &c.  Met Moore who
told me that Welden would get the money awarded to him for his
Maillard damages � amounting to perhaps $1000 clear, when he has               
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