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Text for Page 169 [09-22-1850]

              There for an hour or so; � heard a �Temperance� discourse
very intemperately set forth by a stout one-legged man.   Also
a young one with yellow hair sang two appropriate ditties to
nigger tunes.     Returning Met Rothschild. Afternoon reading and dozing.
Evening, on the door steps, projecting a walk to Holts, when An-
drews comes up.   With him to English tavern in Walker Street,
where, after a little space cynical Martin arrived.   Out toget-
her to a certain saloon in Elizabeth Street.   A large room,
some hundreds of men and women present, (many Germans with
their fraus and frauleins,) concert balcony, and comic-songs �
quite continental.    There half an hour, then left, and I par-
led with Andrews at his own door.      Walked on to Duane
Street, and finding Mr Hart and Mapother in bed returned
and did that same myself.
  23. Monday.  Writing during the morning.    After dinner went to 
Orrs for block.     Calls at Bobbett and Edmonds, Bookhart &c then to Butlers,
and after half an hour walked back with Brown.  He hath already more than 
one anticipatory chere amie in track; and has completely got over the braking
off.  Men love often just for the pleasure of indulging in the passion, not that
the object is loved.    His temperament is one inadmissable of lasting sorrow.
Evening to Duane Street, Baudoin accompanying me.   In the
small spitting room with Mr Hart, Mapother, the two Evans &c (who
depart for Phila tomorrow,) travelles Butler &c	A bit of a walk,
and Baudoin complaining of a malady in the stomach leaves.      The               
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