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Text for Page 087 [03-06-1858]

              to be up to snuff generally, but that that dear little
creature who is so good and innocent that its a delight to look
at her, should be exposed to such contagion makes one�s blood
boil!  I�d as soon cut my hand off as wink at it were I of
kin to her.  Thomson must have a moral flaw in him to stand
it.   Sol is very savage with regard to Haney � as of course
the women got to talking of his remark about not wanting to meet
Allie.      In fact Sol, like the thorough fool he is, thinks that the
connection �twixt him and Allie will be permanent.  He�d marry
her if he could, they say!  He don�t dare to introduce her to his
own family, but will willingly taunt other honest folks.  Now
Allie, like her sister, is inherently a harlot.  She�ll squeeze the
hands of his male friends behind his back and, I believe, is as
purchasable as the veriest drab that walks the streets.   See
the unguessable mischief that springs from such a connection.
If love could anyway sanctify or palliate adultery, it might
in Alf Waud�s case.  I know he loves her and I think she
does him to the extent of her not particularly deep nature. I�m
sure she�s true to him and will be so.    But would I, if
God were to give me mine own true, earnest-hearted Han-
nah to wife, let her know �Mrs�Alf Waud!    Not ignorantly
at all events.  I�d tell her the truth of the connection and then
let her choose.   A man would be an ass to affect any impossi-
bly high moral standard in judging his intimates � �nobody
expects men to be moral� as Lola Montez said � but don�t
let us help to make women as bad as ourselves.
  7. Sunday.  Out with Cahill for an hour in the morning.
Incidentally I have found out how he split with his cousin
Seymour.  He read me a bit of a letter he had written in reply               
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