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Text for Page 170 [09-23-1850]

              remaining part of the evening ale and politics.
  24.  Tuesday.  At work on the Ned Buntlinean subject all day, till
afternoon, when I rushed out to Duane, for last number issued of Copperfield.
Didn�t get it.    Returned there after supper, and after a walk to the 
old pier, at the Shades with Mr Hart, Dillon and Butler.
  25. Wednesday.  Drawing all day.    Evening called in on Andrews
and sate conversing with him for a couple of hours, he being unwell;
cold and sorethroat.    Talk of Texas, of the South and North,
of nationality and lastly of books.     He goes South in a fortnight.
  26. Thursday.   Drawing during the morning.   Afternoon took
the block first to Dewitt and Davenports, then to Orrs.     Got paid
$5, in place of 8, under some paltry pretence of divers alterations
being necessary, ere it could be cut. To the Life Office, where I saw
Mattice; then to Butlers & Brown�s.   There half an hour, then 
returned, getting a $3 hat by the way �taking� but so much of the
5 owed by Butler since December last, �in trade.�    Evening in-
doors and dull enough.
  27. Friday.  Both morn and afternoon at Duane Street,
subbing up my knowledge of perspective, under Mr Harts superintendence
; projecting re-application to Anderson.      On returning, a letter from
home.  Harry Gunn in California, having sailed from Australia there
to.   And Master Dickon Gume is wedded to a Banbury girl, and
in business, at his trade as a butcher in some American city, though
which one the deponent sayeth not.	   /           Returned to Holts at               
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