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Text for Page 090 [03-07-1858]

		There to see the waters flow
		     Flowing towards the sea for ever.
			Bow, Wow, Wow! see them flow,
			Water always made us shiver!
			     Bow, Wow, Wow!
		We preferred the ruby wine
		     Maidens too, with cheeks so rosy,
		Sitting �neath the shady vine
		     With their lovers nice and cosy!
			Bow, Wow, Wow!  lying low!
			Each one looking like a posy!
			     Bow Wow Wow!
		Often, too, there came a borex,
		     All our plans for writing baulking,
		Telling aphorisms o�er,
		     Keeping up an awful talking!
			Bow, Wow, Wow!  Such a row!
			Till we had to send him walking!
			     Bow, Wow, Wow!
		Many hours, too, we spent
		     Playing with a festive dog�, or
		Singing on a bed, content
		     To smoke our pipes and drink our lager!
			Bow Wow Wow!   Will you now
			Tell us what from this you augur?
			     Bow, Wow, Wow! �
  x Banks.   � �Madame�Newman had a big fellow of a 
greyhound who was quite a [word crossed out] character in her establish-
ment.   She herself was a fat, jolly woman, who would talk               
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