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Text for Page 093 [03-07-1858]

position.  Tact, talent and pluck is to be respected, let it
be put to what purpose it may.  I respect facts, and wherever 
you see a rich man there is a fact there�s no getting over.   His
money represents somebody�s intellect and application.   He may
be oaf or dolt but it wasn�t his oafishness or doltishness that pro-
duced his success � that part of him was right enough, whether rightly
applied or perversely.  The miserable pseudo-Bohemian cant
against rich men has its origin in self dissatisfaction and envy.
Literary men who do it always over-rate themselves as most people
who live in cliques do.  But rich men can afford to let �em rail.
What the devil does it matter to Dives if Fitz-slasher pitches into
purse-proud �plutocrats� � as poor North was fond of calling �em,
in the �Monthly Squirt� or the �Weekly Fizzle?� He knows that
his dinner and wines are very real, and very good; and that
Fitz-slasher would be only too glad to dine with him.
  I like Scotchmen.  I like their tremendous nationality, their
pluck, vigor, honesty, kindness to one another.  And I almost
detest Irishmen.  They lie, and they lie, and they lie!  and
the truth is not in them!  Nothing can be more inherently, radically,
eternally diverse than English and Irish natures!
  8.  Monday. Down town, to Genin�s with Leslie.  He bought
a $28 cloak for a baby nephew � is off for Philadelphia.   Met
Thomson.  To Harpers.  Talk with Nordhoff and Guernsey.  Snow
storm � to Post Office, Pic Office &c.   A letter from home, from
my mother, God bless her!  Written on my birthday.  Also one inclo-
sed from Naomi.  Sam is doing well at Harrow, Minnie, poor
thing has had a baby which died at three days old.  Mrs Bezly
has invited my father and mother to Bloxam; her mother is
confined to her bed.   My father �is in a miserable state of mind               
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