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Text for Page 094 [03-08-1858]

and body and says he will never leave home any more!�
� God be kind to him!    Naomi writes that Mrs Williams,
Barth�s sister had been mother to three children, one died, and
two are �out at nurse in the country;� she �couldn�t have them
at home in the business.�  Mrs Walenn has a boy and a girl.
Mrs Barth is said to have disease of the heart, is now at Brigh-
ton.   Handsome Louisa Hogarth is said to be consumptive � the
more�s the pity � she was a lovely girl.  Mrs Annoot has seven
children � Rosa and Naomi godmother�s to the last.   Honest En-
gland! where the mothers have big families and don�t think
abortion an institution quite proper and convenient!  Mrs
Parkins has tumbled and broken her arm.  I wonder if she
were drunk at the time.  Parkins married her from a kitchen,
and has to lock up his cellar to keep her from inebriating her-
self.     Mrs Dakins � a handsome little woman with a clever hus-
band, he did Ingoldsby�s �Little Vulgar Boy� in character with
immense effect at our party � has three children.  They, the
Dakins have got �my book� to read.    Finally Naomi writes
that my mother is �wonderfully well and cheerful � which she
need be, for there is always groaning going on on the other side
of the fire place.�
  9.  Tuesday.  Mrs Gouverneur dislocated her arm yesterday,
by a fall on the slippery pavement.  Mrs Potter learnt this by a call.
Mrs G screamed so horribly that all the house heard her, fancying
she�d sure to die of the injury.  She is to the last degree afraid
of death.  I�m sorry the woman�s hurt, though she is a fool and a
liar.   Cahill got into a squabble last night with the pair of Wat-
sons � the one the little, low, greasily-smiling cockney who does the
theatricals for the Sunday Courier.  It was a Haneys, about               
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