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Text for Page 095 [03-09-1858]

O�Brien and �The Diamond Lens.�   Watson was lying about
O�B, saying he�d swindled the Harpers of $50, having first
sold the story to them and then got it back on pretence of altering
it.   There was nearly a fight.    Watson hates O�B, who insul-
ted him once. �Muggin�s Dog� � Darcy was present.        Down
town early, saw Pouden at his store, called at Strongs. Return.
Writing.  Bellew up at evening.   Talk of Watson.   The name is
an alias.   He committed some rascality at an uncle�s expense � he
being in his relative�s employ � in England which necessitated his
ex-patriation.  So now his brother has to sink the family name,
also, whatever it may be.   Watson is a small Cyder-cellary, scan-
ty-reddish whiskered, unwholesome-complexioned, low Londoner,
who has a passion for the theatre, knows all about London
actors and pieces, and is curiously destitute of any real criti-
cal judgment and ability, being thoroughly gas-lighty in all his
opinions.   He believes in all the dreary tawdry stage rot which
goes for towards making men of sense think the theatre a bore
and a superstition, rendering each visit to it less a matter of
inclination and pleasure that the one which preceded it.  He � Wat-
son is a thorough little knave, has got kicked out � literarly � of
houses where he�s run up $50 bills for board and liquor, has
swindled poor lodging-house people, begged and borrowed money
of Haney, never repaying it � like Banks.   I�ve heretofore
put down how he was packed off from a boarding-house for a 
dirty attempt to sneak into the Biddies� bed-rooms.   Haney sold
him a coat for some nominal price � which was never paid.  The
cub also borrowed a pair of pants, told a pitiful story of his
hability to be turned out of doors for non-payment of board, got
a loan of $5 or so, and then spent it that night in treating               
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