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Text for Page 096 [03-09-1858]

fellows at a tavern.   He was employed for a week or
two at the Pic Office in Leveison�s time.    Once, when he talked
of going to a masked ball Levison told him to clean his teeth
� then nobody would recognize him!    He has written farces
and theatrical pieces, makes dreary puns, gets drearily drunk
and is generally looked upon as a cub.   When Cahill tackled
him last night, he acknowledged he was lying about O�Brien �
a very superfluous thing by the way.   Truth�s quite enough!
  10.  Wednesday.  In doors, writing &c till afternoon.  To Bel-
lew�s and the Major�s. �The Mejor� put his head out of the room
and came on to the landing place, looking rather flaccid and
weary. I asked him for my bowie knife which I lent to him
during his �Pasha�-ship.   He said his man of business � I pre-
sume that blustering, drunken loafer he talked of taking into 
partnership � had it, he�d get it when went down town &c &c.
I suppose I shall lose it.   The Mejor thinks of returning to En-
gland, I believe.   Down Broadway.  Met Wood.  He says
the Thomson�s and Allie & Josey interchange visits, are quite
intimate. Sol never has more than a dollar or so, let him earn
what he will � hands it over to Allie, who, of course, is ma-
king a purse for herself.   Met Cahill. A walk.  Honey�s.
Writing.  Studying Phonograhy at night.
  11.  Thursday.  Down town.  Pic Office. To Bellew�s.
Return. Drawing.        Mrs Brooks has applied, through her
son, to Mrs Potter, for board for herself and little Nina, during
the month of April!   Mrs P would like to have �em but can�t afford
to lose Leslie.  She was talking to me of her difficulties and
debtors.  The Poundens are $150, Cahill $70 odd and old
Townsend $30 or more.  Add to which pecuniary non-get-at-               
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