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Text for Page 018 [08-20-1849]

              �Sandy�, � one of our fellow boarders for a sail. The boy aboard,
apprentice to the �Boss�, a Warwickian, and but six months out of
old England.	The sea wondrously phosphorent.
  21. Tuesday. In the afternoon to New York, with three blocks,
which I left at hand Appleton�s.	Then made a call on Baker
in Nassau Street.	Mr. Morse very ill, sorry for it for his sake
full as much as mine, he was a good fellow.	   Called at Bob-
bett and Edmonds.	Then finding out Beaver Street, left my
address at Barber and Botchard�s for the benefit of Heylyn, who is
to be in New York every day to receive �400 at their hands.	In
the Evening a shilling�s worth of luxury in the shape of a bathe with 
George and Joe.	Whist and James� �Laurel Water� on my
  22. Wednesday. To New York to post letters for England. A
lounge on the Battery, then to Jersey.     Witnessed the departure of
the steamer �America� for Liverpool. A happy vessel, � but 
�two short weeks,� and � England.!
  {23. Thursday.   Hard at work drawing each day. A walk in
  24 Friday.   the Evenings, generally. Very much blue devilled
  25. Saturday.}   and mosquito-bitten.    �By the mass, ne�er a
Kings son in Christendom could be better bitten than I, since the first
cock!� No sleep a nights.	George and Joe determine to aban-
done the selling of swine�s flesh next week. George will return               
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