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Text for Page 106 [03-21-1858]

publicans� but evil.                    I always come from Cha-
pin with a deeper sense of the responsibility of existence, a
desire to be better and kinder, and a wish to do my work in
the world.                     11 1/2  P. M. Leslie up to read a note
to me, which he has just written to his anticipatory mother-in-law.
He expects to be married in June.     �� When shall I marry
Hannah?  Let me study Phonography, and write another book. It�s
that that lies nearest to my hand.
  22.  Monday.  To tailor�s.  Met Leslie and with him to his
store; down town; post-office; met Bellew, returning.    Writing
all the afternoon.   To Bellew�s with M. S. and drawing.  Looked
in at Greene St.  Only Mrs. Sexton and a man there.  She says
her husband�s bolted to Europe � seems to take it coolly enough.
Left soon.  Edge has returned to England I hear.  He owes
money to Haney, and actually has borrowed from the boy who
waits at Honey�s tavern without repaying him!  An odd, little,
weak, frail looking creature, with spectacles and such a general
feebleness of aspect that nobody would suspect him of the capa-
city to contain any vices.   He is of good family I believe, his
father being quite wealthy.    Edge behaved like a young ass, squan-
dered money, went to races, bolted and then ran off to Paris.
There he experienced some hard up-ness, used to frequent theatres,
going in free with the claque.   When he came to New York it
was with a considerable sum of money in his pocket, all of
which he gambled away at Pat Hearne�s and other halls.
Then he consorted with Watson, the low, little cockney.   I
used to see them for the first time in the Pic Office, Watson
being a hanger on of Thad Glover�s, and little Edge an admi-
rer and friend of Watson�s.    The two did some starving together               
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