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Text for Page 108 [03-22-1858]

two or three half condemnatory lines.    I used to chaff
Edge about it.   He must have made his $50 or more, at
that time.   Since he generaled himself out of the Herald,
I think he did but little.    His wife was an Alsatian �
a dress maker or something of the sort.   He lived with her as
his mistress before marriage.   He had known her in Paris.
I saw her once, walking with him, talking French very rapid-
ly, and holding up her skirts.  Not pretty, but had good
legs.      Edge�s father forgave the marriage and his sisters
wrote kindly to his wife.    Edge had a good deal of miscel-
laneous knowledge, was good natured, not at all offensive,
but from his babbling propensities, and had no opinions
worth a bad half penny.   I remember Cahill being very
savage at him, because one Sunday morning he came to the
basement of this house, and finding Sol Eytinge and Cahill
very drunk � they had disposed of certain bottles of gin bet-
ween them � Edge went about cackling of it to everybody!  A
very queer little beggar, certainly.   He professed extreme or-
thodoxy, and believed he should sit in Parliament, someday.
  23.  Tuesday.  To Brady�s with Leslie, he getting his portrait
taken, to give to Miss Bella Farr.   Return.  Drawing, cut for Har-
pers.  Got a little nervous, rubbed out twice, then did it pretty
successfully.  A little Phonography at night.  �Twill take a
years application to learn it.  A man can get $20 weekly as
a phonographic reporter, oftener much more.  With what I could
make beside by scribbling and drawing, I could afford to have
what I desire most of all in this world � Hannah for my wife.
Let me work on, and do my best, every way.  I�m very
very tired of this lonely life, and have been so for many a day.               
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