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Text for Page 172 [09-28-1850]

              28. Saturday.   Duane Street all the morning.    Mr Rich-
ardson removing therefrom.   Afternoon Mapother called and with
him joined Mr Hart & Butler at the pier on the end of the street
where accident and loss of life had just attended the �Pacific� � then
to Duane Street and perspective. Evening in doors with Brown.
  29. Monday.    With Brown to the Church he attends, on
one of the avenues.  Little Early English edifice, stained glass at
the ends, open woodwork roof and partly Puseyitish ceremonies.
Sermon ordinary enough.   After a long walk returned, a plea-
sant fresh, sunny, cold day.       Fred and Edward called with
a letter from Mary Bennett at Chacombe.   O happy Chacombe
May God bless the kind hearts there!       Joe called in the eve-
ning ; and together we went to Duane Street.  After half an hour
out with Mr Hart and Royal.  Leaving the latter at
the Chapel, we three strolled up the length of Broadway � chilly enow.
Winters breath perceptibly.   Afterwards at the Shade for an hour or 
  30. Monday. To Duane Street by 8, drawing.  Left at 11,
and to Nassau Street.    A few unsuccessful calls, at the Post Office,
then returned at 1 to Canal.           Evening being requested thereto by
Brown, with him to the Office, where in company with Butler
we remained until past 11,  arranging a frame of specimens of
printing and engraving for exhibition at Castle Garden. Fumigation               
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