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Text for Page 109 [03-23-1858]

  Mrs. Gouverneur showed at table to-night.  Chattered as
usual and tattled against Miss Petit, who is going to �read Shaks-
peare� � being inspired by Fanny Kemble�s performances � at Wash-
ington. She has a thin pettish voice, so it will be very impressive.
  24.  Wednesay.  To Harper�s with drawing.  To Frank Leslie�s.
Sol was talking with Nast and the German artist at the end of
Leslie�s desk, so I gave him good day, to which he responded sulk-
ily.  So I knew he implicated me, about the Allie expose at Thom-
sons.   To the Pic Office.   Gun installed, Woodward out.   Bellew
came. O�Brien.  To Haney�s and Post Office.   Return.   At 4
in the afternoon Cahill came home, and three hours subsequent
I found him in his room on the bed, in a generally wretched
state, he having got extremely drunk after dinner, commencing
it with Sol Eytinge at Mataran�s.   Sol�s savage and denuncia-
tory, talks of licking people &c, and is going to marry Allie!
Of course that persecuted vestal was �broken-hearted� at the receipt
of �Chip�s� letter.     Cahill�s good will loosened his tongue about
Sol�s threats towards me.   He expects he will eventually get
into an awful row with Sol, having been on the verge of it often.
�Twould be a cowardly business in Eytinge�s part as he�s the
stronger man, but Cahill has pluck and some science and knows
that Sol would howl at pain.  I am not afraid of him, shan�t
do anything to provoke a row � if he does let him look out. He
has had words with Haney.   I suppose � indeed am sure � that
Thomson must have told him Sol all that he learnt from us
about Allie.    His infernal folly will punish itself sweetly by
a marriage with the mischievous strumpet.  Of course it will
be bigamy � perhaps double bigamy � on her part.  I don�t think
it�s a matter for lamentation.  Morally, she�s no worse than               
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