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Text for Page 110 [03-24-1858]

her dupe.                  Cahill went round to Arnold�s for
an hour and then came back to bed.
  25.  Thursday.  The first shower-bath of the season!  Down
town early, back by 9.  Met Wood and Arnold.  Drawing,
writing and a little Phonography all day till 9 P.M. Then to
the Edwards�.   Quite a room full of folks.  Parton there, in honor
of his half-brother presence with a newly-wed-wife.  Miss Bonestell,
the Edwards girls, Cahill and Haney made up the rest.  Talk
music and singing � Eliza�s good contralto voice prominent in the
latter.  Some attempts at dancing, Cahill taking a turn or two
with the girls.
  26.  Friday.  Down town.  To Haney�s, Post Office and
Ferris�� didn�t see Pounden at the latter place.  Pic Office.
Return and drawing steadily til 9 or later.  A whole
batch of notions for the Harpers � if they like to have �em.
  Story illustrative of Mrs Gouverneur�s habits of lying and
theft.   She was riding in a city car with the child, May, and inqui-
red May�s age. �Under five!� �Why, ma,� says May,
when they got out, �I�m nearly six.� �Why did you tell that
falsehood?� asks Mrs Potter. �I never saw such a fool
as you are!� was the reply.   Mrs Gouverneur saved
just two cents by the lie.   Further on, she took a plum
or apple or the like, at a shop at which they called.
May at the next fruit-stall plunged her little fists
into a basket-full of pea-nuts, and went dancing off!
  27. Saturdy.  A letter from George Bolton.  He
writes expressing a regard for me which touches me; as usual
a little morbidly about the future, yet with a flowingly-               
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