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Text for Page 111 [03-27-1858]

phrased �day-dream� about the future which he hopes
awaits us.  Is �logging wood to the saw-mills and stairling�
� whatever that may be �� wood from the forest;� moreover
he won�t go back � that�s the best of it.        Did an additional
sketch hot-handed, then to Harpers.  Two accepted.  A lot I had
planned for the Mag and which Guernsey had approved of
rejected � McLellan engaged to fill the pages devoted to such
cuts for some times ahead.  Don�t matter.  To Frank Leslie�s
and Pic Offices to correct proof, none ready.  To t�other Leslie � 
he just off for Philadelphia.   Return, writing.  Slept part of the
afternoon to get rid of an infernal headache which has haunted
me since yesterday morning.  O�Brien walked up at 6 1/2. 
When I asked him
� to come down stairs to tea, he commented in my �economy� in
extinguishing the lamp.   �Twas the height of meanness in his eyes.
He has moved from Jersey and lives in Washington Square now.
So much the worse for some Washington Square boarding-house
keeper.   Haney went off with him after supper.
  28  Sunday.  Drawing all day. At night to Chapin�s.
  29.  Monday.  A letter from Dillon Mapother.  Apologizes for a
month�s delay, says that he has agreed to write twice the quantity
he receives from his affianced one, that he expects to be married
in September (on her eighteenth birthday) talks of business and
inquires whether I wrote certain awful trash in Frank Leslie�s! �               
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