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Text for Page 112 [03-29-1858]

all bad spelling and idiotic vulgarity.   Drawing awhile,
then hastily down to Harper�s, meeting Welden by the way.
He looked healthier and his beard of lighter color than usual
� never knew till now that he dyed it, after the universal
American custom.  Saw Bonner.  Got $8.  Met Clarence Eytinge
in a shop, which I entered to get a scrap book.  As he grows older
he looks exceedingly Jewish � nose, lips, hair � all Hebraical.  Speak-
ing of Sol�s affair he pronounced it �a d____d bad business after
a d____d bad copy!� � meaning Alf Waud�s.    I reminded him
that he�d written to Alf, wanting to be godfather to his first born.
To Strong�s, Post Office, Ferris�� saw Pounden. Return.   A
letter from Hannah, as kind, as loving, as earnest-heart-
ed as herself.   Some news items in it.   Charlotte will be
a mother before the summer is over.  Sarah Ann Bolton
may become Mrs George Gardner.   Phonography at night
  30.   Tuesday.  Writing to Hannah.  Down town in the
afternoon, to Post & Pic Offices.   O�Brien and Cahill at
the latter.  Corrected proof.  Returned with Cahill.   In
the evening called at Bellew�s  (he out) and Jewell�s. All
playing cards so come away.
  31.  Wednesday.  To Bellew�s and down town with him,
to the printer�s.   Wilbour is out of the Picayune, it being
owned by Bellew and Gun.  Seeing about getting the paper
out.   Return.   A letter from my mother and Rosa, the
latter containing some prettily written verses about Minnie�s
dead baby.   Phonography at night.

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