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Text for Page 113 [04-01-1858]

  1.  Thursday.  Wrote an article for the Pic.  To Bellew�s
with it. A walk and dinner.  To Parton�s in the afternoon.
Fanny confined to her room by one of her headaches, the girl�s
gone to the theatre with the Doesticks�, and Miss J returned to
Idlewild.  Supped with Parton, bachelor-fashion.  A ramble and
cigar in the evening.
  2.  Friday.  Returned to New York by noon.  To the �Sun�
office, seeing H. Beach.  He, in conjunction with others, talks of
starting a comic paper.  To Nic-nax and Pic Offices.  Up town.
  3.  Saturday.  At Bellew�s in the morning.  Down town in the
afternoon, to F. Leslie�s, Pic Office &c.    To Wallacks, to
see �Jessie Brown of Lucknow.�   Effective, dramatic, touching,
horribly absurd and eminently Bourcicaultish.  Agnes Robertson
a sweet little actress.  Dropped into Honey�s subsequently for
supper.  Found Cahill there in company with Hawthorne (the
scene-painter at Laura Keene�s) �Muggin�s-dog.� Darcy and
a big Skye terrier who sat in his own chair beside, and look-
ed honester than his master.   Darcy was one of the writers
for Bell�s Life and other sporting London papers, did some
theft or forgery or little excentricity of that sort, and is now
one of the leading spirit�s of �Porter�s Spirit.� He is a Jew, has a longish,
oval, flat face, fringed with thin black whiskers, a moustache
waxed into stiff points, and a conceited, false, sporting,
Londonish expression of countenance.  He was well dressed
and talkative on the subject of the dog.  Watson came in, and
Darcy began at him about some article which did not
appear in the Courier � Darcy having wanted it to appear, or               
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