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Text for Page 115 [04-07-1858]

and the Pic Offices.   O�Brien at the latter.   Return, to
bootmakers.  Back to dinner by 3 1/2.   Phonography etc. at night.
  8.  Thursday.  Drawing &c.  Thomson came up, subse-
quently dining with us, he, with his family and the Parton�s, all
going to the Crystal Palace Charity ball, Haney accompanying.
Down town in the afternoon.  Rain.  Pic Office.  O�Brien and Bellew
there.  Gun and Cahill.   All at Delmonico�s.  Thomson & Mc Lenan
came.   There two hours or more, drinking, loafing, talking and
wasting time.  It was very dreary.  Up town with Cahill.   Sup-
ped at Honey�s.
  9.  Friday.  In doors, doing chores &c, some phonography,
more reading till 5.  Out of sorts, dissatisfied with self, so
turned out for a rapid walk down Broadway.   The first block
I meet � Lotty!  She had just passed me when we both stopped
recognizing each other.   Told me she was playing at Laura Keene�s,
had been down South (which I knew) and gave me her address.
�Mrs Alleyne� still.   She looked very well, her hazel-black eyes
as brilliant as ever and her black hair worn after the old fashion,
in thick clustering curls round that witching, irregular, yellow-
freckled, beautiful face.  And when she smiled �twas her old
arch, strangely infantile, wilful smile showing her beautifully
white and regular teeth.   She asked me to come and see her,
and spoke of �her bear� being jealous, and so we parted.    I
walked down to St Pauls, in a mood of bitter musing and
profound sadness, thinking of life and its responsibilities.
It�s now nine years since I came to this country.  What
have I not seen and done since then?  And how much nearer
am I to a home and �� Let me stick to my Phonography.
Went back and devoted the evening to it.   At the supper-               
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