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Text for Page 116 [04-09-1858]

table there was Leslie displaying a $250 diamond
brooch which he had taken as �collaturrral security.� for
$100, of a customer, and speculating whether the man would ever be able to
reclaim it.    Also he was receiving Mrs P�s mild joculari-
ties about his �getting rich� as a rich and successful man
does receive such.        This Scotchman, at five and twenty,
has conquered the world, can go to and fro to his wooing,
give his girl handsome presents (not the diamond brooch,
though!) marry when he will and buy a house to live in.
He shows me the letters he writes, and talks after his san-
guine selfish manner of his approaching happiness.
  Ah my loving, faithful Hannah!  Writing for newspa-
pers and drawing caricatures don�t pay like liquor-selling.
  10.  Saturday.  To Harpers, saw Bonner; to Leslie�s
and Pic Offices.   Up-town, a lovely summery day.  Did a draw-
ing on wood.   To Bellews after dinner, then down town again.
Broadway thronged with pretty women.    Met Welden and
his wife � went in to see a picture of the restoration of the
�Resolute,� Hartstem, the Queen &c.  Down town. Didn�t
get any money at either Leslie�s or the Pic.   Return.  Met
Wood at Honey�s.   Darcy there.   Wood say�s that he � Darcy
� is married to Annie Lousdale�, otherwise Alice Lowe, 
the woman who created some talk in England ten or fif-
teen years ago, as the mistress of a Lord Frankfort.
He accused her of stealing his jewels.   She subsequently came
out at the Victoria theatre, and six or eight years back
appeared as an actress in New York, under the name
of Anne Lansdale.       Dropped in on Dixon for the evening.
11.	Sunday.   Wood up.  Talk of Sol &c.   Watson the               
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