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Text for Page 117 [04-11-1858]

vulturous-looking engraver is out of prison � Lord knows
how.    He called on Clarence Eytinge, saying that Sol had
threatened to shoot him, and inquiring if he meant it.   �Twas
about Allie, of course, Sol being enraged at Watson�s talking
about her.      Banks has shaken hands with Bellew, making
the advances himself.     He lives now at a French house in
Lispenard St, having left Stammer�s. �Stammers� says
Banks �is, bai Jove, such a d____d old fool!� He heard a
devil of a row over head one night, went up stairs and
caught Banks in his red flannel shirt among the Biddies!
The Juanic Banks � in spectacles and a red shirt!   Stam-
mers didn�t like it, so Banks left.       Wood talked of Sol�s
domestic economy.   Allie, or Meg, as he now calls her, is
rather slatternly.       She don�t wear her spectacles always, as
Sol don�t like it.      She squanders his money in taking les-
sons in German � she did try French, but dropped it.   Sol
hasn�t much conversation in him, lolls about occasionally
singing a bar or two of opera music, some times toying with
Allie.   So visitors find it very dreary.   Sol works pretty
hard, now, making $40 weekly.   Yet he never has much
money in pocket.    Probably gives it to Allie and she, like
a prudent creature, makes a little private purse for her-
self, in view of contingencies.         Writing to my mo-
ther, and other matters.             I have recently finished reading
Haydon�s Autobiography.  A deeply interesting and painful
book.   You see the man�s flaws plainly enough, but pity him
all the more for it.   I think the world is cruel in its judgment
of unsuccessful men.   Very well do I recollect that awful head
of Lazarus, of his painting, at the Pantheon.   I like Hay-               
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