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Text for Page 118 [04-11-1858]

don�s enthusiastic admiration for our noble old
Duke of Wellington � a man of men for Englishmen to
be proud of to all time.      The mob who are dazzled by
the lurid glory of that bloody Moloch of a Napoleon, with
his infinite greatness and littleness, can�t begin to understand
Wellington.   He�ll rank higher than they dream of some
day, with his noble one idea � Duty.     The English aris-
tocracy show well in Haydon�s volume.   Their generosity,
kindness and social affections, their high breeding show
them to be worth of England.    What wretched cant this
dirty Democracy cackles against them � chiefly because it
hates the knowledge that it has its superiors.             To
Chapin�s at night, then to Edwards�.     Haney there.
  12.  Monday.  Wrote to Rosa and Naomi, and to Charley.
Down town through the ceaseless rain in the afternoon, to Leslie�s,
the Pic and Post Offices.   Got no money from the former.   O�Brien
at the Pic.   Return.    Put on long boots and waterproof overcoat
again at night, to see some miserable �nigger� buffoonery at
Wood�s.     Rain hard all day long, and now, as I write, at
11 P. M.    Photographs from Brady came � I�m going to send em to
  13.  Tuesday.  Writing article for the Pic.  Down town in the
afternoon to the office.   O�Brien, Sol Eytinge and Bellew
there.   Gun called on me this morning.  He is going to board here.
  14.  Wednesday.  A letter from Alf Waud.  Comments on
Sol�s intended marriage as �the only thing that is wanted to
give a fine french-polish finish to the aristocratic family of
the Eytinges;� says that �Mary� is with child again, verifying
the delicate prediction of a nurse �that when she was over               
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