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Text for Page 120 [04-14-1858]

for it�s diminutive size.�    Thus and more Alf Waud.
He has done right and well in sending money to his mother.
There is also, on the margin of the letter a sketch of a pe-
culiarly bedraggled and wretched-looking rooster with Sol�s head
on it.)   Down town.    Evening drawing till midnight.
  15.  Thursday.  Down town in the afternoon.   In the eve-
ning with Mrs Church to Mozart Hall to hear Chapin lecture.
Drawing afterwards.
  16.  Friday.  Down town, to Harper�s, Leslie�s, Post Office
&c.   Return.  To Bellew�s at sunset.  Phonography at night.
  17.  Saturday.  Down town all the forenoon and longer,
worrying about getting money.   Missed Bonner again.  To Pic,
Leslie�s & Post Offices.    Return.   Chores and Phonography
at night � all the day wasted beside.            Characteristic
anecdote of old Patten.   He took Miss Cooper and Mrs Church
last night to hear Cora Hatch � a Spiritualist Medium �� a 
woman whom he�s fond of hearing � saying that her language
is the �most beautiful� he ever head and that �she gets off
a prayer as smooth as oil�!    The woman wears her long flax-
en hair about her ears, has photographs of herself in Broad-
way and is � of course � a New Englander.  Her husband
exhibits for at fifteen cents a head.    The husbands of these
women must be nice men � particularly so.    Well, the audience
were requested to select a subject and som^|e|body nominated
Patten as one of a committee of three to decide.    They suggest-
Ed �Miracles�.      On stating this, it appeared that the Hatch
had lectured repeatedly on the subject, so �twas overruled
by the audience, in which old Patten got savage.   He denoun-
ced the whole thing as a humbug, said the audience were �pac-               
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