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Text for Page 121 [04-17-1858]

ked,� swore, refused to sit down, and, in short, created a
jolly row.    People cried �Turn him out!�  He�s drunk!�
&c.   At length the squall blew over.  Luckily the women were
not seated beside him � he being deaf had got near to the Hatch.
In her subsequent discourse �the spirits� alluded with a little
feminine spite to the charge of a �packed� audience!        The
Brooks � Mrs and Miss � are in town, boarding within a block
or two.  Mrs Church has called on them.   As when they wanted
to resume boarding with Mrs Potter, and made inquiries through
Pierce about rooms, Mrs Church had, at Mrs Potter�s request,
written to Mrs Brooks, explaining matter and informing her
that Leslie had threatened to leave &c. of course the business
was discussed on meeting.   Mrs B said that she had supposed
that Mr Leslie had paid attentions to her daughter &c, that
he had solicited her company, saying that he was not much accus-
tomed to ladies�society (!) &c, that he ha remarked at parting
�Absence only strengthens love!� (This I believe, though he denies
it, for it�s just like him.)   He had been expected to visit them, but
as he didn�t come Nina concluded he �was like the rest &c�(!)  The
little girl, her mother said didn�t care for him � wouldn�t have him
&c.  So ends the matter.            Cahill spent an evening at
Sol Eytinge�s lately.   He expects to be present at the wedding.  Josey
has left.
  18.  Sunday.  A walk and smoke in Washington Square.
Dropped in at Mr. Jewell�s to give �em news of Alf.  Return.  Draw-
ing.  In the evening to Chapin�s with Mrs Church.  A noble sermon
and a memorable.   The text �We love him because he first loved us.�
  19.  Monday.  To Harper�s through the mild spring rain,
dropping in at Leslie�s by the way.  (I had to call four or five               
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