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Text for Page 124 [04-21-1858]

were to be divided equally.   When Levison died, Haney un-
dertook his duty, charging a weekly salary of $10 for it.
This is the point which Mrs Levison is now exercised upon.
She thinks she �might get somebody to do it for less� and though
professing not to wish to do anything to indicate distrust of him
is evidently full of distrust, has had legal advice &c.  Since
the panic the periodical hasn�t produced any profits � before, 
it brought $100 to be divided between them. �He draws $10 every
week, which keeps him!� said she.  She read the agreement to
me.   Again she wavers about selling out her share for $3000
to Ross and Tousey.   Of course she didn�t want or intend to take
advice.    I said little, intimated my perfect faith in Haney�s
honesty, saw that by the agreement she might deprive him of the 
$10, but that his consent would be necessary to a successor, who
would of course charge as much � and said so.   It�s astonish-
ing to what depths of meanness women will descent � as aston-
ishing as the heights of devotion and generosity they soar to.   All
her nature was bristling with little, petty, incredible suspicions.
She goes to France next month, hence the project of selling out.
(I told her to sell out if she could get a fair price, if not, to
hold on.)     Anon she got talking of another and as intensely
selfish a woman, but a fool to boot �  Mrs Gouverneur.
Both of these women tried to use one another during their past
acquaintance, both talked against one another behind back � as
indeed they did of every body.   Mrs L was willing to cultivate
intimacy with Mrs G, in respect for her $30,000 a year and
a certain indefinite position in �society.�  Mrs G was ready
to borrow quarter dollars and three cents pieces and forget to
pay them, to sell dresses that she got tired of, to find a               
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