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Text for Page 127 [04-22-1858]

greeting, I thought.     I�ve never sketched Powell tho-
roughly, so here goes.    He is unquestionably the original
of Micawber, though Dicken�s humanity and mirthfulness
has refined him immensely.   Powell is a fat, burly, man, 
with an egg-shaped head, bald in the forepart, massive and
sensual about the double chin and jowl.     The ordinary ex-
pression of his countenance indicates oily jocularity, but
there�s covert cunning beneath it, and he can become truncu-
lent on occasion.      He walks with his head thrust forwards and
slightly bowed.   He is very familiar in conversation, and
his speech has a sort of oratund unctuousness of accent which,
in conjunction with his implied knowledge of every-
body, might easily gull people into the belief that he was ra-
ther a witty man of the world than otherwise.     He is a great
mischief-maker and back-biter, and inherently a dodger.
The feints and shifts he resorted to, to stave off creditors
in the Lantern days were innumerable.    He�d put one off
for an hour, two hours � half an hour; would get you to wait 
while he entered a shop �to collect a bill� and make his
exit by the back way; would ask you to drink, to take a
note to somebody who wouldn�t pay you &c     Unquestionably
he and family lived out of that Lantern.     Mrs Powell
is a niece of Wordsworth � which is the important event of
the house of Powell.     She is Mrs Micawber to the life � 
no mistake about it.        The domestic enonomy is Micawberish.
Brougham saw one of the children sleeping on a tea-tray,
or in a clothes-basket or something of the sort.     Powell has
a passion for writing letters too, even to people in the same
room.    Often he�d leave without getting answers.     He was               
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