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Text for Page 174 [10-01-1850]

  1. Tuesday.   Making a bit of a sketch for Butler & Browns
drew frame, when Mapother called. With him to Duane Street, to
Spruce, to the �Atlas� and �Life� Offices, and to the Post Office.   Then
to the Battery, and visiting Rabineaus found the awning taken down &
preparations made for putting the Bath into winter quarters. Returned
along the North River.             Wrote to my mother during the rest
of the day.  Brown out doing his wooing with his �little black eyed
ugly, intellectual Dora.�
  2. Wednesday.   In-doors all day. Rain and chilly winds
out of doors.      So sad, so utterly dispirited and wretched that I can
call to mind no time equalling it.    At times in a half despairing agony
at the want of work.      Drawing three little sketches to submit to Cor-
byn of �Figaro�.    At night till 11 writing an article, to the best of
my ability, with intent to take it to Fowler, for Holden�s dollar
Magazine.       Assuredly I had had a better fate had I been at
some hard-handed trade.   Each week might have produced enough 
to live on.
  3. Thursday. To Duane Street. Lessons again.   At 11 went to
Barclay Street and saw Corbyn. Two sketches accepted. Off to Strongs
for blocks, from thence to the �Life� Office, and to the Ned Buntlinean one.
Then returning to Strongs; � not got the blocks, so went to Wells and Webbs
and purchased them.  At work till 8 on them, when they were completed.               
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