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Text for Page 129 [04-22-1858]

per, he came in, with �Chips� looking as pretty
and innocent as ever, in her bright little bonnet and light
spring dress.   A very pleasant evening ensued and at 10 1/2
we all set off to convoy �Chips� and Wells back, she wal-
king with me.   I felt very big-brotherly, with just a dash
of sorrowful envy of Doesticks� deserved good fortune, when I
felt the other little creature�s arm in mine. (Yet I know
too, that my Hannah � I wish she were my Hannah! � is the
nobler woman � knows more � thinks more.)        Marriage
gives a certain amount of self-confidence to the simplest, most
timid of girls. It was at once pretty and amusing to no-
tice this in �Chips.�     Speaking of it subsequently to Grace;
�Yes� said she, �she�s only two months older than I am, and
don�t she give herself airs!�  It was spoken in a good sense
and affectionately.        Back; Grace and Nellie with me,
Parton and Fanny preceding.  Scotch ale and to bed by 12.
I sat up a couple of hours longer, reading Holmes �Autocrat
of the Breakfast table� and other matters.
  23.  Friday.  Breakfast, newspapers, cigar, talks with
Parton, Grace and Fanny, separately, severally, and promis-
cuously, then off by 11, with pleasant thoughts in mind of
the pleasant house and pleasant people in it.   New York: Pic
Office: up town.   Thinking Haney manifested a little coolness
towards me at dinner, walked into his room and asked him
about it.  He had supposed that I had been backing up
Mrs Levison�s mean suspicions with some loose phrase of en-
couragement!  I suspected so.
  24.  Saturday.  Tailor; boot-maker; down town; met Gun;
to Pounden�s store (didn�t see him); loafing among the shipping;               
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