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Text for Page 131 [04-24-1858]

Right.     Such a man O�Brien would scorn
and detest � see nothing endurable in him.   But, oh!
what a paltry, shabby, mean buck is the Irishman in
comparison!    The injustice and swindling that follows
in his trail!                  Think of the lives of Wilkie and
Haydon, as exhibited in the autobiography of the latter.
Wilkie the awkward, economical Scotchman, who wouldn�t
buy paper for his fellow students until they advanced the
money � yet when his picture of the Blind Fiddler was a 
success what do we find him doing.   Sending dresses and
presents to his poor old mother and sisters in Scotland!
While poor Haydon was depleting his father�s purse and
those of others as long as he lived.    And Wilkie would lend
Haydon money, too, � the greater effort and the kinder that
he knew the value of it and didn�t borrow, himself.   One�s
life was based on true principles � it all lies there.  The other,
noble as were some of its aspirations � had a warp and
flaw throughout, through which its unhappy owner � poor
fellow creature, God pity him � and all of us! � dropped
into the miserablest ruin.
  25.  Sunday.  Talking in the parlor with Mrs Church.  Half
an hour�s phonography in Washington Square, Rawson Gill being
with me.  A dull, brooding day, with an east-winderly dampness
latent in it.    Afternoon reading and sleeping.   Evening to Chapin�s.
Subsequently to Edwards�.   Matty has returned from Rochester,
but I didn�t see her, the girls having gone to bed.
  Axiom.   Expect anything, love, mercy, long-suffering,
limitless forgiveness, from women rather than Justice.  There�s
something like this in Reade, but I dug it out of my own               
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