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Text for Page 132 [04-25-1858]

experience in a trifling matter to-day.    I think it
is only because women move in a narrower, more contracted
sphere than men.    Not one woman in a thousand can afford
fair play to a man if he offend her in any small matter.
Some men can.    They may detest the individual, yet in their
judgment do justice to all his good qualities.
  26.  Monday.  Down town early, in the fresh cold morning and
sunshine.  Post & Pic Offices.   Return.  Gun came. Helped him to
get big box up stairs.  Phonography.  Chores &c in the afternoon, and
perplexing my brain for notions for Harpers.   Wrote a pretty lengthy
article for the Pic in the evening.       I feel unusually lonely just
now.    Haney and Cahill walk off together of an evening, to Ed-
wards�, with never a �will you go, too,� which might give one a
pleasant reminescence for the rest of the day.   They�re naturally 
more together from their goings up and down town, but I think
its more than that.   Cahill�s just good-humored and careless,
the companion of those who�ll drink with him and help him to waste
time.  He came home on Saturday night or rather Sunday mor-
ning during the small hours (as usual) with trousers torn,
hands and legs cut from a fall.     Haney is consistent, just
on his dealings, but there�s a spice of dogmatism in his manner
which smacks of the school teacher.    Besides he is � like, I fancy,
most little men (in stature) � has a pretty good opinion of him-
self.  And all Americans are hard � there�s a lack of kindness
and sympathy about them.   They think any need of this � any
despondency or sensibility � unmanly and half despise it.   They
are brought up in an atmosphere of self will.  I never yet met
a modest or self distrustful American.    I�ve heard Parton, who
is to a certain amount tainted by an certa admiration for this               
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